The Democrats are trying to flip every red state to blue by any means they can because it seems that once blue, it’s very difficult to flip back. Certainly here in the People’s Republic of New York, the Democrats immediately began transforming us into California as soon as they took full control of the legislature last year. However, the swiftest moves are being done in Virginia where they’re angling to eclipse both California and New York in record time.

The reason for all this: Donald J. Trump. The Democrats and the establishment Republicans who go along to get along with their Democrat betters have seen President Trump not just change course from the Obama administration and not just undo everything Barack Hussein Obama did, but start to fundamentally undo everything the Inside the Beltway crowd has established to keep themselves in power. Draining the Swamp is the short name, of course.

Having seen what Trump has done while battling against all of them, and knowing that like another DC outsider who had great success under similar circumstances, one Ronaldus Magnus, there are sure to follow more like-minded swamp drainers, the Democrats are moving as fast as they can everywhere to consolidate and institutionalize any power they have or get in ways that will make it more difficult to undo than ever before.

Take this one example to understand the depth of how President Trump has smashed standard Inside the Beltway proceedings: the daily White House press briefing. This was the way the Swamp got its message out and made stars of the messengers. During Republican administrations, it was a daily battering ram to keep the administration on the defensive. You’ll recall the enormously inept Scott McClellan making George W. Bush’s administration look worse and worse each day on the nightly news as he got his lunch eaten by the pack of wolves known as the Washington press corps. Follow that with how the press behaved during the Obama administration, sitting quietly in their seats with their hands folded like they were afraid Sister Mary Clarence was going to rap them on the knuckles if they spoke out of turn.

Along comes President Trump and the Washington press corps not only goes back to its old ways, but they really let loose like they were three year-olds who just had an all-you-can-eat buffet of gummy bears and candy canes. His first press secretary stood up to them, but eventually had enough and so the President brought in someone the press corps thought they were to treat like McClellan: Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Oh so wrong they were.

Sarah beat the crap out of them every single day to the point where I was waiting for Robert Duvall to show up after one of the briefings to say he loved the smell of Sanders napalm in the afternoon. However, when Sarah herself had enough of the daily BS, President Trump then did the completely unexpected and took away their toys by ending the daily briefings in the White House. The press corps howled and carried on, and he didn’t care. Then he created his own daily briefings under the rotors of Marine One where he denies them face time and totally controls the flow of events. Just one of the reasons they hate him.

President Trump is a man who will play ball with you if you will play ball with him. He doesn’t hide from the media and he continues to engage and spar with them unlike Barack Obama who brooked no sparring at all. What the President does not tolerate is when they go way over the line as that clown Jim Acosta recently did in India. That’s when they’re no longer playing ball, but trying to take over the game and he’ll have none of it.

Ditto for Congress.They want to play ball, he’ll play ball. Even in the midst of impeachment, the President was dealing with them over USMCA, the successor to NAFTA, and he would do more dealing, but they won’t. Instead, they want to play games which he’s not putting up with it. And this is why the Democrats have realized they have to move fast when they have the opportunity and they have to make sure whatever they’re doing is as permanently as possible. The model is now out there to not just undo, but to rip out by the roots and that endangers Democrats and establishment Republicans everywhere who have all these institutionalized arrangements to keep themselves in power and money.