When you call yourself a blank guy or, if you prefer, a blank person, to indicate you know more about whatever blank is than the average bear, the worst thing in the world is your blank not working right. And so it has been with me for close to year that I call myself a computer guy while my personal writing site where we are at the moment, neuronsonpaper.com, has been out of commission and I could not figure out why. Until yesterday, that is.

I will not go into detail because a picture is worth a thousand words. I’ll just say that it was not a fun time and I spent many hours chasing ghosts in trying to solve the problem. When I finally stumbled on it, I felt elated that it was solved and then rightly embarrassed. The best I can do aside from making sure I don’t put another bullseye on my size nines is start cranking out content.

Tomorrow, though. Today is for a quick post to say, “I’m back,” and enjoy seeing it go up on the site without a problem. Now I’ll just hold my breath until it actually is.