My preferred method of writing is longhand on paper. There is something about the physical act of scribing my thoughts onto a sheet of paper that impels my writing in a way that clacking on a keyboard cannot. This isn’t to say that I don’t run off at the keyboard or compose at it, and in fact, I usually write more online than offline for most of my posts. Nevertheless, even during my most manic electronic stretches of excess, when I get stuck for a phrase or clack myself into a corner, I immediately head to pen and paper to clear the block.

Neurons on Paper covers two broad categories of writing—political and personal. I intended it from the start to be about topics that I wanted to discuss in a longer form than simply commenting on a website. Politics being one of my main interests, it was natural that the majority of the writing would be political with a personal one now and again. Or so I thought. However, over the time that I began writing it as a Facebook page simply to avoid the travails of doing a website, I have found the personal articles to be the most widely liked and appearing with a frequency I hadn’t expected. Along the way will be an occasional thought on something that isn’t quite political or personal, landing it in the commentary end of the site.

You may note that there is a very large gap in time where there are no posts. What began as a bit of writer’s block turned into a hiatus to take care of personal matters such as my father’s death and getting myself back into the professional world of training and technical writing after being part of a large layoff. Sometimes it’s enough to write about fixing the hole where the rain gets in and other times you actually have to fix the hole.