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The Race to Flip States

The Democrats are trying to flip every red state to blue by any means they can because it seems that once blue, it’s very difficult to flip back. Certainly here in the People’s Republic of New York, the Democrats immediately… Continue Reading →

Impeachment is Over, Dems, Now What?

Reasonable people look at a failure and try to learn from it while putting it in their rear view mirror and moving on to the next challenge. Democrats suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome are coming off not a failure, but… Continue Reading →

Impeachment—The Left’s Latest Victim

On the eve of the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, it’s important to reflect on how we’ve gotten here and at what cost because the trail of American institutions laid waste by the Democrats is mounting. Right out, let’s… Continue Reading →

The First Amendment Does Not Grant The Right To Free Speech

Do you find that title a provocative statement? Are you screaming at your monitor, “Idiot! Of course, it does! Everyone knows that!” Because if you are screaming that, you are not alone. Millions believe just as you do. Those millions… Continue Reading →

Of Beltway Budget Cuts and Proper Budget Cuts

The first budget proposal from President Donald J. Trump stunned liberals and moderate Republicans, and delighted conservatives because it has actual spending cuts. Real, honest-to-goodness, spend less than the year before cuts. This is unheard of inside the Beltway where… Continue Reading →

You Hate Trump (And Obama) Because Government Is Too Big

The unprecedented and well-organized effort by Democrats, their interest group allies, and much of the mainstream media to remove Donald J. Trump as President of the United States finds surprising resonance with the average person who did not vote for… Continue Reading →

Trump vs. The Mainstream Media

It is coming as a shock to many people, most of all to the principals themselves, that the Trump administration and most pointedly the President, have declared war on the mainstream media. The indignation exhibited by the largest of the… Continue Reading →

Stepping On It With Both Feet: The Left Refutes The 9th Circuit

A few articles back, this space discussed at length the matter of illegal immigration. Part of that discussion focused on the aspect of international law that a country has inviolate borders and therefore controls who does and does not enter… Continue Reading →

Fake News

Fake news. Alternative facts. My truth. Your truth. The truth. We are awash in charges and counter-charges about who says what, how what is said, and what the what is. During the 2016 Presidential campaign through transition and into the… Continue Reading →

Transition to Fade…Not Likely

We are heading into the last hours of the Obama administration with President Obama seemingly determined to leave his mark on history by promulgating as many executive orders, national monuments, and questionable pardons and commutations as he can in between… Continue Reading →

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