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The Importance of Being Thankful

As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving 2022, all the familiar things swirl around us. We plan what we’re going to eat—okay, some of the additional things we are going to eat, where we are going to eat, and with whom… Continue Reading →

The Passing of Radio Legend Don Imus

Radio legend Don Imus passed away on December 27. For those of us who were fans, this is sad news. For those who were less than fans, they’re wondering how it took so long. Coming out of the depths of… Continue Reading →

Meandering From Writer’s Block To The Creativity Well

So the clever man thinks, “I’ve got a pretty severe case of writer’s block which means I’m doing everything at this keyboard from turning it over and burping it to get the Doritos pieces dislodged from between the K and… Continue Reading →

Zero Tolerance—The Millennial Antidote to All That Ails Them

Our next coming of age generation, the millennials, have seemingly little tolerance for things they do not like. Theirs is not the way of saying, “No, thank you, I don’t like that. I’ll go on about my business” Instead, it’s… Continue Reading →

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