Reasonable people look at a failure and try to learn from it while putting it in their rear view mirror and moving on to the next challenge. Democrats suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome are coming off not a failure, but an EPIC FAIL in attempting to remove President Trump through a rigged impeachment process. The House managers saw their pack of lies flatline against actual opposition from the President’s lawyers who ran rings around them during the Senate trial.

The Democrat response during the trial to whatever the President’s lawyers said was to keep making the same bogus claims that had just been refuted. Apparently, Goebbels would have made a bad lawyer in addition to an eternal scumbag. After the trial, lest anyone think the Democrats might be reasonable people who learned from defeat, they not only kept repeating their bogus impeachment claims, but they actually went back and retrieved some of the original ones from when President Trump came down that escalator in June 2015.

Were it only the Democrat political class, we could ascribe it to a lack of comprehension because Democrats inside the Beltway are especially accustomed to Republicans folding from the combined assault of Capital Hill and the media. Those they couldn’t get to fold, they were able to get other Republicans to isolate like some crazy aunt in the attic. However, despite looking like Wile E. Coyote against President Trump for the better part of four years because folding is a foreign antibody to his DNA, Democrats just keep going back to their old playbook as if proving the definition of insane is the new key to winning elections.

Amazingly, the Democrat non-political class seems equally anchored to proving that same definition of insane. This past week they first saw President Trump give the 2020 State of the Union speech at which he acted as anything but an impeached President. He came in and conducted himself as a conquering hero and held court for an hour and 15 minutes of accomplishments, touching moments in the gallery, and a few well-aimed zingers across the aisle. Impeachment was never even acknowledged. Then the following day they saw him acquitted by the Senate on both impeachment articles. And oh yeah, his approval numbers hit the highest of his Presidency.

You would think at that point the non-political class would tell the political class, “Look, we tried everything with this guy and he not only beat us, he came out stronger. If we’re going to have any chance of beating him, we need to put this behind us and come up with a different way of dealing with him.” It’s so reminiscent of how Democrats were toward President Ronald Reagan whom they still consider an amiable dunce who got lucky. For two terms. Bringing about the fall of Communism without firing a shot and creating millions of new jobs. That amiable dunce. The Democrats never tried to deal with Reagan as the formidable leader he was and they’re making the same mistake with President Trump.

So here goes the Democrat non-political class following their leaders off the Trump Derangement Syndrome cliff. They continue posting the same coverup, emoluments clause, no respect internationally, social media bully, makes fun of handicapped people, Obama no scandals in eight years contrast (that’s a real thigh-slapper), Russia collusion, quid pro quo and so on and so forth on social media while voting for harder leftists at every opportunity. The one difference is that the leftists are gaining ground in local elections with Virginia being the latest casualty so some of their insanity is working, but at the federal level where the local insanity runs into judicial and executive branch brick walls, they are failing and heading to another and worse election disaster than the 2016 election that brought in President Trump.

There is nothing left to say except, “Meep Meep!”