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Finally Back

When you call yourself a blank guy or, if you prefer, a blank person, to indicate you know more about whatever blank is than the average bear, the worst thing in the world is your blank not working right. And… Continue Reading →

Do You Hear What I Hear?

The past few years I have developed a mini-tradition of being up by myself through the wee hours of Christmas listening to Christmas music. During that time from 1 a.m. through dawn, I go through the Christmas Pandora music stations… Continue Reading →

Not What He Said But I What Saw Him Doing

In reflecting on Father’s Day and what my father has meant to me, I began to run through all the years we’ve been together. Through those almost 59 years, the deepest impressions he has left on me are not the… Continue Reading →

A Childless Man Holds A Newborn…Again

When you’re childless, the type of childless due to being an ignoramus who had the wrong priorities in life, the last thing you ever expect after you realize the utter stupidity of saying, “I never want to have kids,” is… Continue Reading →

Easter at Aunt Mildred’s

Like many of you, my family has fixed locations for holidays. They are different now, but growing up they went like this: Christmas and New Year’s at our house, 4th of July and Thanksgiving at Aunt Mel and Uncle Ray’s,… Continue Reading →

Andy Williams Meets Watson and Crick

Many people have that one performer or one song that throws the switch and instantly takes them to their Christmas place. Were we to ask amidst the eggnog, cookies and candy canes of a Christmas party, we would find people… Continue Reading →

The Santa Journey

Not being a parent means you and everyone else can only guess how you would be if you were a parent. People are usually gracious in saying that you would make a great parent even if they really think you… Continue Reading →

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