On the eve of the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, it’s important to reflect on how we’ve gotten here and at what cost because the trail of American institutions laid waste by the Democrats is mounting.

Right out, let’s state the obvious: this impeachment is a sham. It was conducted in a grossly unfair manner that highlighted all the ills of a true democracy, i.e., the majority can vote away the rights of the minority. The process began as an impeachment inquiry with the House majority severely limiting the House minority and the President by allowing them only what the majority consented to. Not content with that massive tilting of the scales, much of the proceedings were held in secret through the dubious use of the House Intelligence Committee as the investigative forum not the Judiciary Committee. When matters finally came to the Judiciary Committee as the formal impeachment proceedings, the same minority-hostile rules applied resulting in two articles of impeachment—Abuse of Power and Obstruction of Congress—that are not crimes let alone the high crimes and misdemeanors the Framers set down as grounds for impeachment. But hey, the majority voted on them…

Essentially, the Democrats have destroyed the institution of impeachment by transforming it from the ultimate penalty a President can face under the Constitution into just another partisan tactic to gain political advantage. What the process leading to the impeachment vote on December 19, 2019 did not do in destroying impeachment, the handling of its aftermath by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made sure to do. She deliberately and publicly refused to transmit the articles to the Senate because she wanted to dictate the terms of how the Senate conducts the trial. When she eventually lost that game of political chicken, Pelosi found an even deeper level to drag impeachment down to by signing the articles with engraved commemorative pens. Mission accomplished. Impeachment attained mockery status.

Were impeachment the only casualty, that would be bad enough, but along the way to impeachment, the Democrats destroyed other institutions in their blind and mad pursuit of Donald Trump. The Mueller investigation that preceded the impeachment fiasco took out attorney-client privilege by seizing records from former Trump attorney, Michael Cohen. While not unprecedented that records of a lawyer are examined, the circumstances are always strictly controlled yet in this instance, a recording of a conversation between Cohen and the President—a privileged communication—was not only seized, but almost immediately leaked to the media.

Figuring attorney-client privilege wasn’t enough destruction, the Democrats then set their sights on destroying due process and equal protection. The first and main shot being those House rules that subjected the minority to the whims of the majority leaving the House Republicans to valiantly fight a losing battle and the President to refuse to engage at all, choosing instead to fight when on fairer terms. As evidence of this, the President has assembled a formidable team of lawyers who have strongly stepped into the impeachment fight in the Senate and directly and boldly engaged the House impeachment managers.

Representative Doug Collins, Republican from Georgia, pointed out the further destructive march of the Democrats against due process and equal protection by highlighting the philosophical destruction of our justice system embodied in the words of House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer who in his closing remarks to the impeachment vote said,

“What I will do is remind Americans that the House provided President Trump every opportunity to prove his innocence, but the witnesses were precluded from coming forth.”
Representative Steny Hoyer, December 19, 2019

Simply and utterly stunning! Defendants in our judicial system do not prove their innocence, they defend it with the burden of proof falling not on them, but on the prosecution. Apparently not anymore according to Hoyer. Another fine point of destruction by the Democrats.

Were you inclined to skepticism, you may well say this is simply hyperbole in labeling overreach as destruction. Were it only so. While impeachment has been working its way to tomorrow’s trial in the Senate, immediately to the south of Washington D.C., in the Commonwealth of Virginia, home of the Bill of Rights, Democrats with a newly elected majority are moving swiftly to destroy fundamental rights and liberties. A massive march on Richmond, the state capital, is occurring while this is written after a month in which sheriffs and counties across the commonwealth vowed to block or refuse to enforce any unconstitutional laws that strip away the right to bear arms. Meanwhile in the state of New York, the Democrat majority in the legislature and the governor are in the process of destroying the safety of its citizens by eliminating bail for crimes up through manslaughter. It took Empire State criminals about a day to figure out the jail now has a revolving door they can spin unlimited times.

Institutions are vital to the functioning of society. It’s one thing to change them as a natural process including significantly beyond recognition when warranted, but what we are seeing is not a natural process. Rather, it is a deliberate process by the left of undermining society for the sole purpose of inducing people to support them because they promise to take care of people and establish order amidst chaos and suffering. Defeating such a nefarious plan takes the kind of fortitude shown by President Trump in countering and contesting every move against him and against our institutions. We saw the House Republicans display the same in the House impeachment proceedings and we’re seeing it in county after county in Virginia. These are good and hopeful signs as we work our way through this year to Election Day 2020 and beyond because the left will continue its destructive bent if unchecked.