The horrific attacks by Hamas on October 7 exposed an evil straight from the depths of hell. This was not just a terrorist attack, but a coordinated campaign of bloodlust and savagery that shocked and sickened most sensible people. Murders, rapes, and hostage taking were the order of a day in which some 1,200 people were killed and countless more injured. The grisly details of what Hamas did is not for the faint of heart, and actually not for the stoutest, either. There doesn’t seem to be a way to understand the glee with which Hamas maimed, raped, and killed and then called their own family members or family members of their victims to boast. And it’s impossible to reconcile how babies, innocent sweet babies could be beheaded and butchered.

In the wake of these monstrous acts come hundreds of thousands around the world who support the Hamas savages. Never stopping for a moment to condemn the murders, the rapes, the hostage taking, and the baby butchering, these fools for the cause have been continuously demonstrating for Hamas since the attacks took place. Many of them so quick to accuse those anyone with an opposite view of being Nazis yet they, the hordes from hell for Hamas, show who the real Nazis as they make the Third Reich wing of hell so proud with their vocal and violent protests and actions not just against Israel, but against Jews wherever they are.

Who are these young people? A significant portion of the up and coming generation in the United States, that’s who. The same up and coming generation claiming to be all about the welfare of the planet and coexisting. Turns out welfare and coexisting do not apply to Israel and Jews. This generation will be applying those same twisted values in voting for the next President and Congress in 2024, and more so as they move into positions of leadership and influence in politics, business, and society beyond that.

It is alarming and certainly a wake up call to anyone who cares about the future of the country and the world. The protests for Hamas across western Europe such as we’ve seen in Great Britain and Germany rival those in the US, telling us hate and evil are on the march. Rather than be repulsed, the hordes from hell have been energized by the Hamas attacks. We have good reason to be on edge.

We also have good reason to be sad. The haunting painting that accompanies this writing is called “Despairing Woman” by the Italian painter Giuseppe Mentessi and captures much of the feeling that has settled in since the October 7 attacks as we look around the United States day after day and see how Hamas and its hordes from hell have taken strong root. Good ultimately triumphs over evil, but not without cost, sometimes great cost. It may well take great cost to uproot what we are seeing.